Stack traces are hard to read!

Runtime error? Somebody help me!

Stack level too deep? What does that even mean?

Stack level too deep? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

Rails has a steep learning curve!

Facing Ruby on Rails' steep learning curve? You need ReadySetRails.

The Learning Curve is Steep:

Learn interactively with a live, online workshop.
Sept 27 - 28. 9a-1p PT.


In a mere 8 hours you (yes, you) can learn the core concepts of Ruby on Rails and launch your own web app. If our expert ReadySetRails trainers don't have you deploying your own app by the end of the workshop, you can have your money back. Guaranteed. Ready to get technical? Then ReadySetRails is for you. --Sign up now-->

The ReadySetRails: Rails Fundamentals Workshop grants you new powers. 

Sign up today if you would like to:

Pull Back the Veil on Rails Magic

Oh sure, watching a video of someone creating a blogging app in 5 minutes is great…unless you want to understand what the hell is going on! Professional instructors will personally work with you to ensure your questions are answered and you are comfortable with every topic covered.

Unjumble the Acronym Soup

Wait, can I DRY my MVC from the CLI? Why doesn't the IRB REPL show SQL? If I use AJAX with my REST route, will I get JSON or XML in HTTP response? Handy cheatsheets will guide you through these acronyms, and more!

Level-Up Your Skills Interactively

One dimensional screencasts and online tutorials can only get you so far. Much of Rails is best learned by seeing and experimenting in person, in real time. Our guided exercises and open Q&A times ensure your journey as a developer is on-track to Rails mastery!

Learn From Experienced Professionals

All our instructors have used Ruby & Rails in real-life professional projects for years. Concrete industry experience ensures you get practical wisdom on best practices, modern development techniques, and how to kick-start your own career.

ReadySetRails is a Decielo production. Copyright 2012 Decielo, LLC. All rights reserved.

Ruby on Rails is HARD TO LEARN

Questions? Not sure if it's right for you? Want to know more? Connect with Brook: 206.853.8737

  • Dev tools are complex.
  • MVC? REST? What does it all mean?
  • What are modern best practices?
  • How do you even get started?

Your Satisfaction

With developer salaries on the rise, many Rails courses cost thousands of dollars, and even the local extension class cost over $800. We think you'll find the Rails Fundamentals Workshop to be a great value, and an efficient use of your time. We are so sure, that we will happily offer you a refund if you feel there is any need.

Your Personal Consultation

Before the course even starts, you'll get to touch base with one of our instructors. We will help you get your laptop configured for Ruby on Rails so you'll be ready to dive in as soon as the class starts—and keep jamming afterwards!

By discussing your background with you, we can tailor the workshop to your specific needs. Tell us what skills you are most keen on learning, and we will work in what we can.

Brook Riggio

After 7 years as a freelance web developer, Brook is finally getting to meld his passions for creating awesome web apps with his love for teaching.

Brook tutors and mentors budding Rails developers from around the world.

Renée De Voursney

Renée is the co-founder and lead instructor of the RailsBridge workshop series, focused on making the world of web apps more accessible to women.

Her mentoring has been a great asset to the Seattle Rails community.

Your Instructors

Your Swag

In addition to the awesome workshop experience and a set of new friends, you'll leave with all the tools you need to continue honing your new skills:

  • A complete, downloadable video recording of the entire workshop
  • All the slides from all the presentations
  • Instructor notes on every topic for your later review
  • Lifetime access to a private Alumni forum, where instuctors answer questions.
  • Handy cheatsheets on the key concepts
  • And more!

Your Opportunity

If you are serious about wanting to get technical, book now. Only 20 seats are available.

The first 5 to register can get 25% off the final price of $529.

Rails Fundamentals Workshop:

A live, online, hands-on Ruby & Rails personal learning experience.


Learn Interactively. 


"Brook gave me an excellent kickstart to Rails! After having got stuck for a while just installing everything, he got me up and running... I finished the session having actually understood! I'm excited and ready to move ahead in learning Rails."

—Peter J.

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Book Your Spot Now